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Case Study

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Starbucks and participating stores have a framework in place called the “Greener Stores Framework.” Under this plan, Starbucks aims to reduce carbon emissions with better in-store solutions, like lighting, food offerings, and dairy replacements. Through this plan, participating stores have already reduced energy emissions by 30% when compared to their prior store designs. Starbucks needed signage that would support their efforts toward sustainability.


Over the years, Hilton Displays and Starbucks have formed a strong relationship with Hilton Displays producing thousands of signs for their stores. To align with the “Greener Store Framework,” Hilton Displays partnered with SloanLED, in 2018, to offer new LED lighting solutions for Starbucks’ entire Exterior SB signage package. After the implementation of the LEDs in Starbucks’ signage, SloanLED said, there were “on average, savings of 35–40% less product used and 16–25% lower energy cost on most applications.”

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