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Del Taco
Case Study

Store side with veg graphics.jpg


In January of 2021, Del Taco unveiled a new design concept for their stores which included more curb appeal and better features for the best customer experience possible. “Fresh Flex” prototypes were designed to cater to the consumers first. “With innovative additions like third-party pick-up stations and double drive-thru lanes with a dedicated lane for mobile orders and delivery pickups, the future-focused model optimizes operational efficiencies and caters to modern consumers' expectations: accessibility, speed of service, and brand transparency.”


As an industry leader in brand signage, interior décor, digital signage, and more, Hilton Displays worked closely with Del Taco to bring their vision for “Fresh Flex” to life. Besides identification signage, Hilton Displays also produced large, exterior patterns to be painted on the side of these new prototype restaurants. These designs will add a flare to the buildings unlike any other feature. With images of avocados, tomatoes, and other ingredients, these images showcase the “freshness” of Del Taco ingredients and adds to the already beautiful curb appeal.

del taco stencil pics.jpg
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