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BBQ Luncheon to Celebrate Labor Day 2022 at Hilton Displays

Hilton Display's staff serving catered BBQ for Labor Day

To celebrate Labor Day, a federal holiday that honors the contributions of American workers, Hilton Displays organized a luncheon for employees to enjoy free food and connect with others in the company. Bucky’s BBQ in Greenville, South Carolina provided the catering, and helpful staff members pitched in to serve food and drinks.

With their stomachs full and happy, employees positively reflected on the event. One of the Project Managers, Amber, said, “I’ve always thought it was cool to have a connection with the workers from the shop.” Similarly, Estimator and Manufacturing Support Specialist, Vanoy, who was helping serve food said, “I very much enjoy the smiles and happiness on others’ faces. It’s good to see people come together and enjoy life more often.”

Hilton Display's staff serving drinks at Labor Day celebration

Besides building camaraderie in the workplace, Hilton Displays made employees feel special by providing lunch. Project Manager, Noah, said, “It was very nice of the company to have Bucky’s catered to show their appreciation for their employees.” Labor Day is all about honoring the people who make up the company, and Hilton Displays did so while staff devoured amazing BBQ and banana pudding in the process.

Hilton Display's staff congregating to eat and chat

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