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Best Buy Set to Open New Outlet Stores in the Fall

Best Buy outlet store sign made by Hilton Displays hanging on store exterior
Best Buy outlet store exterior signage made by Hilton Displays

Coming this fall, Best Buy is set to open four new outlet stores in select cites such as Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, and Manassas, Virginia. At these stores, you’ll find a wide array of products plus discounted and clearance items. Along with their product offerings, there will also be a Geek Squad area to help you with any technology needs.

Best Buy curbside pickup signs made by Hilton Displays in parking lot
Best Buy curbside pickup signs made by Hilton Displays

On top of these great features, Best Buy’s outlet stores positively impact the planet by producing less electronic waste through repairs, trade-ins, and recycling. If you don’t want to visit a store, take advantage of the outlets’ online order and delivery services.

Hilton Displays has been working with Best Buy since 2019 to fabricate signage for many of their locations. For more information regarding new outlet stores, visit

Best Buy monument signage displayed on the street
Best Buy monument signage

Best Buy locker pickup vinyl signage on pickup boxes
Locker pickup vinyl signage

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