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Operation Warm Heads, Hands, & Hearts!

Hilton Displays has several amazing neighbors, but one exceptional neighbor is the Overbrook Child Development Center. Overbrook CDC is one of six Child Development Centers in Greenville County Schools where they provide high-quality 4K and Preschool Special Education programs. Child Development Centers are the first stop for many children on their way to becoming high school graduates with Greenville County Schools. Their mission, “Laying the Foundation for Future Success”, emphasizes their commitment to ensuring that children receive quality early childhood experiences that develop pre-literacy, pre-math, and school readiness skills needed for future academic achievement.

Overbrook offers - A limited number of At-Risk 4K classrooms for children at risk for school readiness are offered. Children must be four years old on or before September 1 of the current school year to pre-register for this free program. Children selected for At-Risk 4K programs must demonstrate academic/developmental needs and risk factors such as low family income and parent education level.

Special Education classes serve four-year-old children with developmental delays. Itinerant services are provided for children with special needs enrolled in the regular 4k program.

In late October 2023, the Assistant Principal called to discuss an on-site field trip to Hilton Displays in early 2024. During our conversation, she mentioned that with winter approaching, she and her staff wanted to make sure each child would have a hat and a pair of gloves or mittens to keep warm on the playground as well as throughout the winter season. That idea was presented to the Hilton Displays holiday committee and was approved, and a plan was implemented. On December 12, six employees delivered 50 hats and gloves or mittens to the teachers at OCDC. We were greeted warmly by the assistant principal and six teachers. Our group was given a tour of the school, and we met a couple of children. One cute petite girl with Down syndrome sang her rendition of the theme song from the movie Frozen, “Let it Go!”, she melted all our hearts.

Thank you to all the Hilton Displays employees who assisted with the purchase of hats and gloves or mittens for these needy children.

On Friday, January 26, the Assistant Principal walked across the street to present the employees with four “thank you” notes that had been created by the children and their teachers.

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