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Quickly Fix Signage and Lighting Problems with Hilton Displays' Service/Maintenance

before and after of a sign hit by a car and repaired

When clients experience signage problems disrupting day-to-day operations, such as a damaged directional or a non-illuminated sign, it’s imperative to fix the sign as quickly as possible to avoid a loss in revenue or disruption to the business. Hilton Displays clearly understands the importance of properly functioning signage and aims to alleviate the burden of repairing it!

To combat the inconveniences that come with signage, whether it’s general wear, sun damage, illumination issues, or car accidents, Hilton Displays offers a Signage & Lighting service/maintenance request option to new or existing brands. Associate Director of Project Management, Stasia Rohn, says, “Hilton Displays takes our customer’s brand very seriously and recognizes that the longer a sign is non-illuminating [or damaged] that there can be a loss in revenue.”

Brands such as Starbucks, Big Lots, Panera, and Publix all take advantage of our service offerings. If we have previously supplied signage for a particular customer, we have more visibility on warranty requests and what was previously done on site, which can help expedite a resolution. This allows us to streamline processes like diagnosis, manufacturing, and installation. A better understanding of the scope of work means a faster fix for your business.

Contact us, and let’s see if our service offer fits your company’s needs.

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