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Summer '23 Hilton Displays Cookout!

June 29, 2023

To say the Hilton Displays Summer ’23 Cookout was a GREAT SUCCESS would be quite an understatement! All of the hard-working employees enjoyed being catered to and enjoyed iconic summer foods presented for lunch. The menu included: grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, with many topping options, baked beans and chili, chips, and various ice cream selections. But the “pièce de resistance” was Jennifer Richeson’s banana pudding, WOW!

The employee group effort was outstanding, from the planning, menu selections, food purchase/pickup, rental equipment, or a large grill, serving tables, decorations, food prep, cooking, and bringing personal chafing dishes to house the baked beans, and chili. The two “grill masters”, Ray and Chris prepared the burgers and hot dogs to perfection!

Last, but certainly not least, many sous-chefs were in the canteen kitchen preparing sliced tomatoes, chopped and sliced onions, plating American cheese slices, and carving watermelon and cantaloupe for the hungry group. And a ‘big thank you’ to those folks who assisted with the set-up, tear-down,

and cleaning.

To add to the ambiance of the day was the “Grill Daddy” costume competition. What a complete hoot! The former “Cornhole King” came ‘dressed to impress’ as well as 15 other HD employees. Peek at the collage and have a good laugh! If anyone has photos they would like to share of the “Grill Dads”, and or the event, please do so!

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