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Tiff's Treats Unique Origin Story and Signage

While I don’t recommend standing people up on a regular basis, there is the potential for it to become a successful, multimillion-dollar business. For Tiff’s Treats president and co-founder, Tiffany Taylor, it became just that... a successful business.

In 1999, as 19-year-old sophomores at the University of Texas at Austin, Tiffany Taylor accidentally stood up Leon Chen for a date. As an apology, she baked and delivered him a batch of warm cookies. This first warm moment inspired the couple to create the concept of warm cookie delivery and start Tiff’s Treats with just $20, a cell phone and a dream. Today, the business has 80 retail distribution points in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Oklahoma with more than 1,800 employees, has donated well over $1 million to charities, and is valued at over $500 million. Founders Tiffany and Leon are now married, and the business continues to expand, but Tiff’s Treats has the same core mission: creating memorable moments with treats baked to order and delivered warm.

On September 21, 2022, Tiff’s Treats opened a store in Denver, Colorado. The expansion into the Mile High City is a huge milestone for Tiff’s Treats, and Hilton Displays was honored to provide signage for 35 locations. Since 2017, Hilton Displays has developed a relationship with Tiff’s Treats to create exterior and interior signage that is just as unique as its origin story.

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